What is an Intersected Staion? And Destructor Chimney logging

Grid reference : SE 61024 51978
Type : Intersected Station
County : North Yorkshire
Nearest town : YORK
So I know I said I was focusing on the pillars, but I went into York yesterday and literally walked past this one so couldn’t resist logging it.
What is a intersected staion?
An intersection station is usually a highly visible landmark like a water tower or church steeple that has a position that was determined by triangulation, as opposed to having equipment set up on top of it like other stations. The “point observed” is some distinctive feature of the landmark that was sighted on and was the basis of the position calculation.
Essentially they work in a similar a way to the pillars, they just were not built for that specific purpose. Instead they are pre-existing structors that are very visable and easy too identify from a distance

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