Loughrigg Fell – Cumbria

This was a bit of an accidental trig point.. also it was about 2 weeks ago now but I have been neglecting my blogging recently.


The plan on this day had been to go to Loughrigg Tarn and then walk over the fells to Rydal Caves and then back round, getting the trig on the way. However, my partner was feeling ill so we decided to go straight to the caves.

After exploring the caves and that area we started to climb the fell, not to go to the trig but just because it was there. We accidentally (in a let’s just get to that next crest, or maybe that one? Or that one? type way) ended up within half a mile of the trig point so thought might as well head that way. As we approached it the wind started to get up and it started to rain. We found a semi sheltered spot to stop for some lunch in the hope that the weather might improve but it didn’t. By the time we started to walk again it was raining heavily and the wind was getting very strong.

Just before getting to the trig point the hail started, as such it was a bit of a “run by” bagging. I’d have been willing to stop and do it properly but by this point my partner just wanted off the fells.

We found a more direct route down at least, and managed to not get blown off the slopes 😛




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