Trig Point, another Trig Point and a Castle

My plan yesterday was to park at Thornton-Le-Clay and walk to sheriff Hutton and then back in order to bag 2 trigs and also go past the castle ruins. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere to park at Thornton-le-clay so I had to alter this plan. In the end I bagged the first trig (Sheepclose Farm) in a bit of a drive by type style and then parked at sheriff Hutton to get the second one (Mill Hill Farm) and also walk round the Castle.

seriff hutton


The walk I used to get to Mill Hill Farm Trig is the Foss Walk, unfortunately there were a lot of issues with broken stiles and such. I’m finding that lot recently, a lot of stiles are not being maintained well, I need to do some looking into this issue as it’s getting annoying. I also didn’t get right up to MIll Hill Farm trig as it was in a field off the path which had many lambs in it. Also as a lot fo the gates on the actual path had locks on them I feel going off the path wouldn’t have been wise.






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