Dalby Forest #ConquerTheForest 10K

So on Sunday (16/7/17) I did No Eng Challenges #ConquerTheForest at Dalby. This was not only my first trail race but my first race in general and my first ever time running with other people – well unless tough mudder counts?


Anyway, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I will openly admit I was very nervous. I go to Dalby Forest mountain biking a lot. So I know the way there and my way aroud the forest fairly well. But on Sunday morning I was so nervous I ended up going the wrong way and driving an extra 5 miles :/ whoops.


I was aiming for 1h30 as that’s what I got the other week in my practice run, however, it ends up that I vastly underestimated the struggle of running up hills… Also for the first mile or so we were all so grouped up that it was basically a case of walking. I may try to start in the middle next time rather than at the back.


I think maybe it would have been nice to have had someone to run with. I had my mp3 player and to be honest the route was very engaging. But there was one point where I had dropped down to a walk when some random man encouraged me to run and we did about a mile together while chatting. Makes me wonder if Id find all runs easier if I wasn’t doing it solo. Shame I don’t know many runners… and the few I do are road runners unfortunately.


I’m glad I went for the 10K and not the half marathon. Especially with it being on a Sunday – my legs were not happy at work today 😛 .


I am going to have to do a LOT of hill training before my half marathon in October…


I think I may be hooked now though. I’m already looking into events for next year and plotting a training plan to do an ultra in a few years. I’m considering Hadrians Wall currently, but we will see.