#walk1000miles and #run1000miles 2017 come to a close

well it’s been a long year a lot of walking, a lot of running a lot more than ever done before my entire life, and what can I say really.

 today I did a very short six mile walk near Castle Howard, was very muddy and then spent most of this evening trying to finish off the running. Finally BOTH complete, final count is 1008 miles walked and 1000 miles ran.

Today’s mud:

I’ve been trying to come up with a challenge for next year I’m struggling so much I got 2019 planned out and go to 12 running events one per month and to raise some money for mountain rescue
By the way,  I apologize if any of this makes no sense I’ve just discovered talk to text on WordPress and seemingly it’s just rubbish I thought it was worth  ago as I find typing on my tablet is awkward and annoying 

anyway I have some pictures from today, as I said  only a short walk but was still a walk.

I’m not sure what I’m doing tomorrow yet, need to something to start off the year I guess but not sure what the challenge will be other than doing a 2000 miles again maybe have some cycling in I don’t know I’ll figure it out
Anyway some pictures from castle Howard today:


Ennerdale to black sail and back

so today we decided to walk from Ennerdale Lake to black Sail youth hostel. We started at Bowness Knott car park, didn’t bother with the viewpoint because it was foggy so seemed pointless. The walk black Sail was uneventful, very foggy misty but fairly flat with nothing technical. unfortunately due to the fog we didn’t get the view of Black Sail that I was hoping for but it was still good to go there it was one of the things on my “list” so happy we went 
we stopped there for lunch but I’m and ducked down behind a building for shelter from the wind and rain and fog. after eating lunch and coming out from behind the building we realised it had gotten a very foggy indeed so we had to change our plan and didn’t bother of haystacks as we’d originally thought to do.
rather than going straight back down a bridle path we took a couple of alternative routes resulting in us going to the other side of the river for most the way back and sinking into a lot of mud . it also started to get dark about three quarters of the way back to the car, which unfortunately limited photos also resulted in us not bothering to go round the rest of the lake because well it was dark anyway so no views.

 still all in all a good day got a good got a few good photos which I will upload and now down to less than 10 miles from 1000 Miles in a year. so that’s all good hopefully I’ll hit it this week, or maybe next week. in Scotland next week so be good to hit there

Loweswater and crummock hike

So today I’d planned an epic 20 mile hike from the house we are staying in past holme force and loweswater, up to crummock water, round to scale force and then back via mosedale.

However… it was not to be. First we overslept, by an embarrassingly long time. So we drove to loweswater to cut off some miles. Then a path was closed due to an unsafe bridge, so holme  force was a no go. Then we just took longer than planned due to unscheduled photo stops and my partner hurting his foot.

But, it was still a good 14.3 miles. And a surprisingly nice day. Both loweswater and crummock were like glass, and the weather was good. The only drawback really was the ground being very boggy under foot. We did both sink more than once :p 

Dark nights, treadmills and apps.

Anyone else hate the clocks changing? A few weeks ago was fine, I’d finish work, get home, and have an hour or so to go for a run a walk. But now… I get in and its dark :/
So… I’ve been trying to use the treadmill. Problem is it’s so boring, like seriously, boring. I can watch Netflix while walking on it, but if I try that when running if all over lol. So I’ve been exploring different apps. I’ve found a few simulation type apps, my favorite so far is bitgym, which I like so much that I’m considering purchasing the subscription after Christmas to get the full program. 
I’m not sure what it is about this that makes running on the treadmill easier, but it does. Maybe it makes it more interesting, or maybe it’s a competitive thing of trying to get further along each time – especially given that in the free version you only get 10min limits. 
Anyway, take this as a recommendation I guess, assuming anyone actually reads this πŸ˜› 

Forest And Moors half marathon

so, this is late but as i said before i suck at this blogging thing. i am going to try to get better though.



last week (7th Oct 2017) I did my first half marathon. I both loved it and hated it πŸ˜› . The event started at Dalby Forest and headed out over the yorkshire moors to the hole of horcum area before heading back. I’ll admit I did take a wrong turn and ended up doing almost 16miles rather than 13.1, also my time was rubbish… but I dont care, it was amazing and I have already signed up for the SRMRT (scarbrough and ryedale mountain rescue team) Spring half marathon at ravenscar next year. This time though I will train better, and reccy the route before hand.



anyway, I should have done this when it was more fresh in my mind so I could have written more :/ oh well, live and lear. here are some photos πŸ˜€



The Old Man of Coniston

Im really bad at this blogging thing…

anyway, another trig point was bagged the other week when I spent the day exploring the coppermine valley and went up the Old Man of Coniston. I’ve been up before, but it was a ong time ago and also felt that the industrial history was something that my partner would enjoy.

Unfortunately, we picked an awful day weather wise. Was wet and windy and just horrible. Not as bad as the day we went up Loughrigg Fell but still not pleasant. Anyway, after walking up to levers water and hiding in an old mine for lunch (yes, naughty, don’t do it) we headed up onto the ridge where the wind was just ridiculous. We had a wonder about and went down to Goat Water, where I had planned to go for a swim but the weather wasn’t playing ball. So we headed to the summit and then down the more direct way back to the car park.

We’ll have to go again on a better day as we missed a lot in our rush back to the car and a lot on the way up due to the weather. But it was still a good day

I gave Wild Swimming a go

today was one of those days where everything sort of went wrong. The plan had been to go up the Old Man of Coniston. But, this morning I had gotten up, had a shower, and been for a run before my partner was even out of bed. And long story short by the time we got to Coniston it would have been a rush to get up and down and so not as enjoyable. So we are going Wednesday now.


So instead we headed to Cathedral Caverns near Little Langdale and had a bit of an explore down a few of the passages and such. We then followed the steam to a Tarn. Here after a lot of umming and ahhing I decided to go for a swim.


It was cold… but amazingly fun and I think I may be hooked on the idea now as considering going in Goats Water when we go up the Old Man



DOMS I am not a fan…

Yep. Not a fan at all…

I stupidly thought β€œit’s only 10Km, not that far I wont be sore the next day”, you know what I didn’t take into account? HILLS! Yep, hills again…

It’s crazy really. I can walk up several mountains in a day and be fine Can go mountain biking for a full day and be fine. Can go rock climbing and be fine. But since I took up running I have suddenly discovered DOMS and I am not a fan

What is DOMS?

DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It usually begins around 24 hours following exercise and can last anywhere up to five or even seven days (Byrnes & Clarkson, 1986), although this is exceptionally long. Symptoms generally peak around the 72 hour point, and are characterised by localised soreness, reduced range of movement and reduced muscle function (Cheung, Hume, & Maxwell, 2003).

basically, if I am understanding this all correctly, it’s caused by the tiny tears and other damage done during intense exercise repairing itself. So in a way if you get DOMS it shows that the workout is working πŸ˜› . Apparently its more likely if you are new to exercise or doing a different activity. Therefore, I am blaming the hills as on the flat 10Km causes no soreness issues.

Anyway, regardless of what it is or why it is it’s bloody annoying. I went for a run work last night despite feeling sore, and felt ok after about a mile, but my god am I paying for that today… work has been tricky today with my stiff calf muscles and such.

But, my muscles are currently healing and growing and once the annoying soreness has gone I’m sure it will be worth it πŸ˜€

Dalby Forest #ConquerTheForest 10K

So on Sunday (16/7/17) I did No Eng Challenges #ConquerTheForest at Dalby. This was not only my first trail race but my first race in general and my first ever time running with other people – well unless tough mudder counts?


Anyway, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I will openly admit I was very nervous. I go to Dalby Forest mountain biking a lot. So I know the way there and my way aroud the forest fairly well. But on Sunday morning I was so nervous I ended up going the wrong way and driving an extra 5 miles :/ whoops.


I was aiming for 1h30 as that’s what I got the other week in my practice run, however, it ends up that I vastly underestimated the struggle of running up hills… Also for the first mile or so we were all so grouped up that it was basically a case of walking. I may try to start in the middle next time rather than at the back.


I think maybe it would have been nice to have had someone to run with. I had my mp3 player and to be honest the route was very engaging. But there was one point where I had dropped down to a walk when some random man encouraged me to run and we did about a mile together while chatting. Makes me wonder if Id find all runs easier if I wasn’t doing it solo. Shame I don’t know many runners… and the few I do are road runners unfortunately.


I’m glad I went for the 10K and not the half marathon. Especially with it being on a Sunday – my legs were not happy at work today πŸ˜› .


I am going to have to do a LOT of hill training before my half marathon in October…


I think I may be hooked now though. I’m already looking into events for next year and plotting a training plan to do an ultra in a few years. I’m considering Hadrians Wall currently, but we will see.




St Nicks running – York

St Nick’s is a former landfill site transformed into a thriving nature reserve a mile from the city centre of York. It became a Local Nature Reserve in February 2004 in order to conserve and maintain a diverse range of habitats sustaining wildlife.

I’ve been to st nicks in the past, in fact I used to volunteer there, but i’ve never thought to go running there. The main advantage is that it’s not as flat as the rest of York. In fact my route looks a little crazy as I was trying to make maximum use of the steps and slopes as I don’t get much of an opputunity to run on them often – and with my half marathon coming up in October I really need to get in some hill training.


Anyway, I got a few photos during my run. I also got a bit confused at one point as I could hear bagpipes playing, upon further investigation I found a student who was using the area to practice as apparently people were getting annoyed by the noise from his flat. Personally I like the sound of bagpipes, so didn’t really bother me.