Hotham Hill

Grid reference : SE 88276 35404
Type : Pillar
County : Humberside
Nearest town : GOOLE


I parked for this one in the village of Hotham near Market Weighton, I almost drove down the bridleway, as someone online had led me to believe that you can, until I saw the sign was blue not red so I parked near the church and went from there. From the map I predicted it to be able 3 miles there and back so decided to use it as a training run, I regretted this due to the level of mud on the bridalway but continued regardless.

About 1.2 ish miles in I got to the bench that can be seen in one of these photos. From here it took me a few seconds to locate the trig point over the other side of the field. I was a little concerned as I had seen a few tractors in a few of the fields, but decided if I was quick and stayed to the field edge to avoid damaging any crops and walked this section I should be ok. Took a while to get round the field as the soil was very soft in places, and a section was flooded, but after a bit of negotiation I got to the trig point.

From here I retraced my route back to my car. I could have continued on the bridleway and come out back on the road outside of the village, but I was a bit concerned about the time. I think in reality you probably could drive to the field with the trig point in, there were tracks from vehicles all the way there, however, I think this may be from farmers and so I wouldn’t recommend it, and it’s not a long walk anyway, and ignoring the mud the path is fairly well maintained, so driving to the field shouldn’t be needed.



total route: 3.04 miles



Burnby Wold

Grid reference :SE 86103 47046
Type :Pillar
Condition : Slightly damaged
Flush Bracket : S6371
County :Humberside
Nearest town :YORK
not a whole lot I can say about this one, literally at the side of the road in the hedgerow so very easy to find. I had planned to do a walk in the area but it started to rain heavily so I went to the gym instead after bagging the trig. The drive there was fun though, some very nice roads.

Newcoat Fields

Grid reference :SE 84226 50858
Type :Pillar
Current use : none
Historic use : 3rd order
T:UK waypoint : TP5108
County : Humberside
Nearest town : YORK
This was a very easy trig to find. You can in theory just park up next to the field and go through a single gate. I decided to park in Millington and walk from there though, so about a 4 mile round trip.
There were a lot of pheasents around and a bird of prey that I think may have been a Sparrowhawk – didn’t get a picture unfortunately as it took me a second to realise what it was and then it was gone.
Some great views from this trig point, all in all I would recommend a visit to in, in part just as it’s so easy to get to.