Short walk at the coast

As part of the walk 100o miles challenge I went to the coast with my partner yesterday. The original plan was to do the coastal trail from robin hoods bay to ravenscar, but due to delays we diodn’t have time for this. So instead we walked up the beach until the sea cut off the path and then went back up to the coastal trail until we got the boggle hole where we rejoined the beach and followed it until we were just about under ravenscar.

At this point it was starting to get dark so we headed back to the car. Though not before finding some hermit crabs in a rock pool and watching them for a while. I had planned on nipping up to the trig point n the way back, but it was dark by then so that will have to wait for another time.


this walk added 6.3 “boots on” miles to my total



Running totals:


Boots on: 12
General: 17
Total: 29


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